Book reviews


“If you count on “moments”, this book will not let you down. It can be considered as one big “moment” in many acts.” - Natalia Szostak, Gazeta Wyborcza

“Dzido chooses her words very consciously, avoids pompousness, watches over her story in such a way, that intimacy, though expressed, does not become naïve or pretentious. It is undoubtedly art. After all, describing love and sex in literature, though frequent, is rarely successful. Here, we can admire the author’s great sensitivity and her ability to use the language.”- Bernadetta Darska,

“Frajda is about remembering, putting memories in order, it is about a relationship filled with eroticism and a multitude of faces of human passion.”- Jarosław Czechowicz, Krytycznym Okiem


“Female lust, orgasms, and sexual desires described authentically and without “flitting”. (...) Frajda is an erotic novel in the best sense of the word.”- Jolanta Prochowicz, e-splot

“In The Hill of Dogs the author, Jakub Żulczyk, rocked a couple of teenage heroes to the rhythm of the hit, in which the car entered the turn despite turned off lights”. Marta Dzido unfastens the seatbelts and floors it.”- Monika Ochędowska, Dwutygodnik

We can only feel sorry for those who did not get such a volcano of emotions and madness, which Dzido talks about!- Literacka Kavka

“Frajda is her return to fiction, although the author is closer to lyric than a narrative with an expressive plot.”- Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz, Stolica

“Frajda by Marta Dzido gives the lie to common belief that Polish language of sexuality is poor, and limited to vulgarisms or medical vocabulary.”- Jakub Szestowicki, Twój Weekend

“It is a kind of mournful but beautiful and moving song about the years that passed away, about the time when you could be free and do stupid things without fear of immortalizing them on Facebook or Instagram. The nineties are recently quite well explored in literature, but rather with a pinch of salt, sometimes with a hint of nostalgia. For Marta Dzido they have become a great background to tell about how it was possible to live before the rat race, before the constant self-creation on social media, before various forms of slavery brought about by the relationship between adulthood and capitalism.”-

“The ductile writing of Dzido brings to mind a colorful, flickering video clip.”- Mniej niż 100 słów

“Is Frajda an erotic novel? Of course, yes, but in a good style. Moreover, an excellently written one. The author has managed to create a story which we can read without feeling embarrassed. Marta Dzido does not shock, does not cross the boundaries of good taste, although we cannot deny her outstanding courage in describing intimacy.” -,0.html?blogName=matkapolkaczytajaca

“One of the best love books I’ve read. It’s not a romance or a novel of manners. It’s an aptly and efficiently written duet of people who share a feeling so strong that it cannot be killed neither by time nor distance. My review could be a collection of quotes, because my copy is covered with markers.” Lubimy Czytać

“This is the best erotic book I have ever read.”- Lubimy Czytać